“Why does my dog still itch so badly after he goes off of prednisone and antibiotics?”

“Doctor, I’m so afraid to have my dog through surgery at her age.”

“I can’t bear the thought of putting my horse down because of an injured tendon. Please help me.”

“I don’t want to put my cat through chemotherapy. I’m so scared of the side effects.”

These statements are a tiny sampling of what I hear from my well-intentioned veterinary clients on a daily basis. Many are concerned about side effects from drugs or medical procedures that are invasive. Others are tired of trying to treat a condition with pharmaceuticals that just don’t work. More commonly, costly diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are out of range of most household budgets.

The Animals Never Lie is a sampling of successful case reports from my practice where alternative treatments have been incorporated, someones alone and other times along with conventional medication. The title was chosen because animals cannot fake a response nor do we worry about a placebo effect with them. They simply accept natural therapies and innately “know” what is good for them or not. Unlike humans, the animals don’t question the natural approach to healing. Therefore, they can’t “lie” when a positive change in their condition occurs.

Your stories pretty much confirmed what I’ve thought for a long time... the Lord gave us everything we need to heal ourselves. I got so much encouragement from the stories. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with them.


Pat Naville
Amazon Best-Selling Author

Couldn’t put it down…

Another amazing book written by an amazing woman who is both healer and animal advocate! I couldn’t put it down. Thank you Dr. Barb for sharing these wonderful stories with your readers. I have seen the difference natural therapy has on our beloved pets and love seeing it shared!!

Jennifer Jessen

Owner, Northeast Iowa Personal Pet Care

Don’t miss this…

Oh how I love this book!! All my vet friends… get this on Amazon. Vet techs and anyone who works with animals, don’t miss these stories that will open you up to options you thought were never there. That’s all I can say!!
Heather Henderson

Essential oil entrepreneur & dog groomer

Photos from The Animals Never Lie

Chapter 3 –  “Livestock Rollover”

Returning home from an essential oil conference, I came upon an accident where a double-decker semi loaded with 185 market weight hogs had overturned.  It was a horrific sight to see, much less to hear the screaming hogs that were being crushed by the others who had toppled on top of  them.  My first thought:  how do I help these poor animals?  I had a full bottle of frankincense oil, so with the permission of the emergency workers, I climbed over the temporary holding pen and started sprinkling the oil on the surviving pigs.  For those I couldn’t reach, I instructed the personnel to to do the same.  Amazingly, some of the pigs that were down and appeared to have given up responded very well to the oils.  I noticed several of them rooting in the dirt and grass, which was amazing since they’d never seen the outdoors as they were confinement hogs.

Lucy and Sadie – two “sisters” rescued and given their forever home

Lucy had been diagnosed with heartworm disease after being rescued from a shelter in the southern U.S.  Their “mom,” Lynette, asked about a protocol that didn’t involve harsh medications and chemicals to kill the parasites that resided in the heart.  Over the course of nine months, Lucy was given a combination of products that would support her body’s own ability to kill the heartworms.  She was concerned over the side effects of the drugs used conventionally to treat the condition.  Lucy responded extremely well to the protocol we developed, and converted to a heartworm negative status without conventional meds.

Cammie – Mighty Mike’s “angel”

In chapter 14, I described “Mikey,” a special-needs little guy who had a very rough start in life.  Here’s Cammie, his “big sister,” crashed out in her kitty bed which is characteristic of her nurturing and laid-back personality.