This book was the most difficult writing assignment I’ve ever tackled. In one aspect, it is one of the most beautiful love stories betweenanimals I’ve ever witnessed. On another, it was the most heart wrenching project, having to relive intimate details of my own life and the challenges of three of my best animal friends, dealing with the emotions that resurfaced after so many years.

However the lessons my “three boys” taught me have been invaluable, and I wish to share with you these incredible teachings.

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Your stories pretty much confirmed what I’ve thought for a long time... the Lord gave us everything we need to heal ourselves. I got so much encouragement from the stories. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with them.


Pat Naville
Amazon Best-Selling Author

Not just for horse lovers…

Every animal lover will appreciate the message this book shares of love, hope and companionship. The Infinite Bond will strike many emotions from joy to anguish as it tells the story of how God used a trio of “boys” to provide strength and courage for their human guardians. Keep some tissues handy; you’ll find yourself caught up in the emotions as if you were there.

Excellent read.

Very good read. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. I couldn’t put it down. What this woman and these horses went through was very tough to read about. This is a story that needs to be shared.

The Boys

Ibn showing off his favorite trick — sticking out his tongue.

Barb and Ty getting ready for a dressage clinic.

Stormy loved his pals, Ibn and Ty.

Highly recommended!

I absolutely loved this book – would highly recommend!

I plan to order more as gifts…

I read this book in its entirety the day I got it. It truly proves without a doubt how animals have feelings and emotions and are greatly affected by them. I would highly recommend it! I plan to order more and give them as gifts.