Barb Fox:  Author

The Infinite Bond is a true story of life, love, and loss between three beautiful Arabian horses and their caretaker, Dr. Barbara Fox. If you have ever wondered how strong the bond is between animals, as well as between animals and people, this story depicts the true emotional connection they form.

Each horse came into Barbara’s guardianship in a unique way. The common thread in each of their journeys was their need for a forever home, someone to love them for who they were and not for their looks or their show winnings. In turn, the horses taught Barbara profound lessons about relationships, forgiveness, and empathy. Even in the darkest times of her life, the three boys provided unconditional love and acceptance just with their presence.

As each horse ages and the time to depart his earthly existence approaches, you’ll learn how powerfully their emotions can be expressed. If you don’t believe animals show emotions, this book is proof that they do. The Infinite Bond may make you laugh, sympathize, and cry as you read through the pages. Perhaps you’ll see a little bit of yourself and your animals here, too.

Dr. Fox has also co-authored a reference guide featuring veterinary aromatherapy and has been a published author in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Barb Fox: Speaker

Barb Fox, DVM, has spoken at various holistic animal conferences, including Young Living Essential Oils International Grand Convention, the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association’s Summit, and the student chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s national symposium.

She also speaks at local and regional events, spreading the word about how alternative medicine is needed to complement modern medicine.

Schedule Barb Fox

To schedule Barb Fox as a featured speaker for your next event, you may call her directly at 563-380-0983 or send an email to drbfox(at) for rates and availability.

Barb Fox: Veterinary Consulting

Consultations and detailed examinations for your animals are available through Beyond Tradition Animal Healing Center services. For available dates and times, please contact Dr. Fox directly at 563-380-0983 or drbfox(at)

She will go over a detailed history of your animal’s state of health, including what diet you’re feeding, if your pet has experienced a lot of recent stress, what phobias / fears it has, what chemicals your pet is exposed to, and many other factors that can be impacting your animal’s health.


Young Living Essential Oils

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Having Dr. Barb as a resource to provide holistic veterinary therapies gave me so much peace of mind getting my mare, Joey, to a better place in her life. I’ll be forever grateful!

M. Gustafson

Barb Fox lives on a secluded acreage nestled in the quiet rolling hills of northeast Iowa with her husband, Gary. In her free time you’ll find her on the nature trails at the various local parks, taking beautiful photos of the landscape and flora.

Barb and Gary’s home away from home is in the gorgeous Colorado mountain town of Ouray, nestled tightly in the stunning peaks of the San Juan Mountains exploring the area by Jeep.