The Infinite Bond

A true story of life, love, and loss between three beautiful Arabian horses and their caretaker, Barb Fox.


If you have ever wondered how strong the bond is between animals, as well as between animals and people, this story depicts the true emotional connection they form. Even in the darkest times of her life, the three boys provided unconditional love and acceptance just with their presence.


If you don’t believe animals show emotions, this book is proof that they do.



Finished the book, and loved it! I have to admit to smiling, and also shedding a few tears reading the story. Very well done, my friend.  Very well done!

Pat Naville
Amazon Best-Selling Author

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If you don’t believe animals show emotions, this books is proof that they do. As each horse ages and the time to depart his earthly existence approaches, you’ll learn how powerfully their emotions can be expressed.

Barb Fox, DVM

Author, The Infinite Bond

Very good read. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. I couldn’t put it down. This is a story that needs to be shared.